Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shopping Trip Type Influences Price Sensitivity

Part of the Environics Mental World of the Shopper study looked at the difference in attitude and behaviour to price for certain categories based on last purchase. We also asked on what kind of trip that purchase occurred.

Notable is the fact that sensitivity to price differs according to trip type for some categories. Coffee is most likely purchased on a stock up trip - but about a quarter of coffee purchases are on quick trips. The table above shows considerable differences in sensitivity to price depending on this context.
Thing is that it is not consistent between categories. Those buying frozen meals are more sensitive to price on a quick trip for example. Intuitively that makes sense. A frozen meal on a quick trip is probably the trigger and a focus of the mission. On a stock up trip it might be impulse at the end of the shop.
And adding to the complexity, it differs by demographics. Males buying potato chips on a quick trip are the least price sensitivity.
As far as I am concerned this supports the notion that researching pricing or even concept testing without understanding the context and process of purchasing the product is misleading. If you are asking discrete choice questions or purchase intent questions with no knowledge of the purchase process you are missing half the picture.

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