Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Martin Lindstrom for Real?

I was alerted to this guy by his very disappointing book Buyology.

Now he appears again telling us about some more groundbreaking research. Yes, it's the first time the brain has been monitored while shopping! Well, except this time maybe.

So I guess you are all excited to find out the earth shattering insights that this groundbreaking experiment uncovered.

Let's see ....

  1. Discounts make shoppers change their minds
  2. Emotions sometimes outweigh 'rational' price considerations.
  3. Freshness is important

Am I on candid camera?


Dr Edward Carter said...

I find you provide no evidence for your claim, Robin. I for one read the book, and loved it thoroughly. It provided many incites into the way we buy, ect. I think most of it was intriguing and controversial, hence the reason it sold so well. Flat out rejecting it, with little explanation, seems a bit of a fraud to me.

Robin said...

Many people seemed to like it.

I did post below on why I found the book so disappointing (http://shopperwatch.blogspot.com/2008/12/not-very-good-book.html)

And this clip. Well, it's awful. Claiming that this experiment was the first brain scan of a shopper. Why do that?