Friday, January 23, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Tsai

Well I better get past 44 posts before the Year of the Ox arrives on Monday. (In Mandarin 44 sounds like "death, death" so it ain't exactly auspicious).

And for my 3 loyal readers an EXCLUSIVE bit of data from Environics Cultural Markets - Chinese Canadian households make 49 stock up grocery trips a year - compared to 36 for the general population.

In Toronto 37% use an ethnic specialty store most often - 21% of that is T&T. Those figures are even higher for Vancouver.

With roughly 9% of the Toronto population Chinese that's an awful lot of lost opportunity for the mainstream grocers. No wonder the last time I was talking to someone at Wal-Mart they were asking about my wife's T&T trip triggers. The answer is ....meat cuts.

Happy Year of the Ox!

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