Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sometimes you read some writing on a piece of research that is so awful that you want to give in.

This is such a piece:

Meanwhile, the percentages of consumers who indicated that they consider "brand name" among the factors they consider when buying food were eye-opening: U.S., 35%; UK, 24%; Germany, 16%; Argentina, 45% and China, 45% (for an average of 33%).

While this doesn't mean that brands play no role in purchasing decisions, it's clear that for growing numbers of consumers throughout the world, brand names lag well behind not only taste, quality, price and health benefits, but factors such as perceived value and convenience of preparation, according to Eatherton.

Wow. That's amazing, eh? Consumers do not line up to tell researchers that brands influence their decisions. And "taste" and "quality" are more important! What next? Consumers telling us that they are not influenced by advertising? How eye opening.

Let's abandon all communication on brand benefits. Unless of course ......wait a minute....maybe the benefits that the brand communicates are "taste" ..."quality"...."convenience" ....

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old study where airline passengers all said "pilot training" was important .. but of course chose their airline on the basis of whether it went where they wanted, at the right price.