Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Male Shoppers and Social Values

I recently presented some of our shopper research to a meeting of international colleagues at an Iris network conference and was showing the share of grocery trips taken by gender.

In Canada, we estimate that 39% of all trips (including personal care, quick trips etc.) are made by males shopping alone. My colleagues from Netherlands and Germany expressed surprise and assumed that these numbers would be different in their markets.

It was only our Australian colleague who suggested it would be similar in Australia. Canada and Australia and similar in many respects (although it is slightly colder here). But two facts would drive this in my opinion - both are highly urbanized (hence a higher incidence of quick trips) and both are fairly "progressive" in terms of social values. We often contrast with the relatively low % agreement with the statement that "the man is always head of the household" in Canada with that in the US. This could certainly impact shopping styles ...will investigate this further.

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Andrea said...

The balancing out of formerly gendered roles in the household overall (parenting etc) is definitely part of what has changed those numbers (men vs women grocery shopping). Men are shopping more, also, because they are seeing that other men are, and no masculinity seems to be lost. According to my research (mainly U.S. focused), men are also feeling more comfortable shopping using their more feminine brain traits (letting a little package design, cause marketing or social responsibility affect their choices, for instance). Previously it would have been somewhat emasculating to admit that "softer" aspects had anything to do with a purchase, since men are supposed to be/traditionally extremely linear. Very interesting changes in gender/marketing are occurring right now. Great to see you mulling it over as well.