Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mobile Web Based Social Shopping Tool

Can I get more marketing buzzwords in my title? Maybe I should add 'experience' and 'network'.

This is a new tool that allows shoppers to connect via a mobile web site provided by

According to the article "The mobile version of the service allows people to use a cellphone's browser to access information at Shoppers can read reviews by typing in a product's name or product code into a search field. A user who created a shopping list online can leave the paper list at home and pull up the electronic version".

This is one of those things that will probably morph into something else as it evolves. The social element is interesting. They talk about diet / nutrition needs. Seems like something of a niche - although it could be popular among those aging and picky boomers who might actually have time to do this.

I suspect it may end up being about price. As food prices rise and the economy worsens I can imagine a means of checking online flyers for competitive stores while shopping would be popular. "I'll wait and get my coffee when I go to price Chopper because they have it at $4.97" (they do...I just checked online)

More on social shopping here ....from UK company Kaboodle whose founder Manish Chandra says:

"Shopping is an inherently social activity, where discovery, input, recommendations and purchasing are all part of the normal shopping process. Our goal in creating Kaboodle’s online shopping community was not only to give our members the tools to emulate the offline shopping experience online, but to also leverage the power of the online experience."

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