Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Shopper Enjoyment"

Well, it was fairly easy setting this thing up.

My first content ....

We have just completed a piece of research on Canadian grocery shoppers that shows that ....wait for it....people actually really enjoy grocery shopping. Most people. Including men (who actually do a lot more shopping than you might suspect)....

I recently spoke to some experts in retail and shopper understanding who found the concept of "shopper enjoyment" ridiculous. I guess we do not hear much about "TV enjoyment" or "movie enjoyment". Firstly it's a given that TV and movies are "enjoyed" and secondly the idea of these media as monoliths is silly. Some TV is enjoyed and some is not. Some shopping is enjoyed. Some is not. Some aspects of watching TV are enjoyed. Others are not. The same is true for shopping.

The fact that people enjoy grocery shopping may not be groundbreaking news but it is something I think needs to be stated as it provides a necessary framework to the notion of the retail channel as a media channel. That notion has become increasingly popular recently as marketers desperately seek some space in which they can speak to consumers. The mindset of the shopper has often been viewed as rational, harassed and well, focused on getting the heck out of the store. The fact that the shopper is actually engaged in a form of entertainment should at least inform the kind of communication that is effective in this channel.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to post a comment on your new blog. Good to see you dipping a toe in the water, Robin. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.
Talk to you soon.

Robin said...

Thanks Jason.

I may be five years behind the wave ....but I like to wait until they make these things very easy.