Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get em while they are ...conflicted?

This news story about in-store prescription drug advertising in a store in New Jersey is interesting. Firstly, it's rare to see in store advertising for a product that you cannot buy in the store. In this case you need to "Ask to your doctor if Vytorin is right for you". But why not? We keep saying in store advertising is strategic as well as tactical.

But more interesting is this statement from Schering-Plough: "Since supermarkets are where people routinely make choices about which food to buy, we believe this was a good place to engage consumers with education on high cholesterol". Hmmm. I wonder what impact "education on high cholesterol" has on their food choices. I would love to see how sales of chips have been recently. But I like the idea. The possibilities are endless. We could see Advil ads at the Beer Store. The most radical application would be communication from World Vision or anti-hunger activists in the cookie or snack aisles. Not sure how many retailers would go for that though.


Simone Silva said...

Congrats! Great blog!
This is a very interesting case. I wonder however how the company tracks or measures the effectiveness and ROI of this in-store initiative, since buying the product is not the outcome in this situation. I guess this resembles perhaps more an out-of-home ad such as a billboard than a POS material in terms of measuring effectiveness.

Robin said...

Thanks Simone.

Yes, measurement of effectiveness faces the dame challenges as any out of home advertising. Although PRISM (see previous posts) should give some ROI metrics in terms of traffic and demographics.