Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do One Thing Really Really Well

"Do One Thing Really Really Well" is the slogan of Ontario's Steamwhistle Brewery

It is one of the keys to brand authenticity (not the only one and not always the main one).

I guess these guys (above) are not trying that approach.


The Retail Observer said...

While the positioning may suck, I can verify the food IS very good!

Robin said...

You know the store?

Which of the various offerings is good?

I cannot believe that they can do all of them well. I'll bet one is their specialty.

The Retail Observer said...

Of course I know it. Their pizza is great, and the rest of their Italian food is generally quite good. That's all my wife and I have ever tried, so I cannot comment on their Indian food (though the operators are South Asian) nor their breakfasts.

Robin said...

Ok. I am going to try the pizza! (It's close to me).

I never thought I would venture in there. The problem with this "positioning" is that to do each of these food types well you need different skills and different equipment (pizza= very hot oven, fish & chips=very hot deep fryer, burgers=grill). And you need a certain dgree of turnover of product to keep these things going. It is hard to believe that they have the right combination of skills and equipment.

Hence the lack of credibility and brand authenticity.

But hey, word of mouth trumps all.

The Retail Observer said...

As an ex-restaurant guy, I'll disagree with you on the equipment ... not very difficult to acquire nor operate properly... agreed the food knowledge/skill is a little more involved.

But of course, the positioning is the problem. "Marketing is concerned, not with reality, but with perception". (Laura Ries)